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The projected 2016-17 salary cap has risen to $94 million

Is that a lot?

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Do you like the idea of spending somebody else's money on basketball players? If you answered "yes" then boy do I have some good news for you!

Here is an artist's rendition of every free agent this summer:

(A word to the wise: Diving head-first into gold coins is NOT a good idea. Only professionals like Scrooge McDuck should ever attempt such a stunt.)

What does that mean for the Knicks and their pursuit of some of the bigger fish in this free agent class? Here's a tidy breakdown of the max deals allowed under a $94-million cap:

For players of 7-9 years service time, such as Nicolas Batum and Mike Conley, their current teams can offer an extra $39.4 million. That's wild.

OK, Phil Jackson, you have an extra $2 million to play with. Now build us a winner!