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A very important, very serious reason the Knicks should consider Fresno State guard Marvelle Harris

Hint: Reggie Miller sucks.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks continue to work out prospects in hope of finding a diamond in the rough, either from an acquired second-round pick or an undrafted free agent. Among those the team has already worked out is 22-year-old shooting guard Marvelle Harris:

The 6'4" Harris helped the Bulldogs to their first NCAA tournament birth in 16 years. He's a poor shooter (33.3% from three), but has long arms, a decent pick-and-roll touch, and a knack for getting to the basket.

But none of those things matter as much as his history with legendary punk-ass bitch Reggie Miller. While he is probably most famous for his 3-18 shooting performance in Game 6 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals (Winning Time!), Reggie has found himself a nice post-retirement career as one of the worst broadcasters in human history. And Reggie's incompetence is not merely confined to the NBA -- he called the 2016 Mountain West championship game, and where he called the young Bulldog "Marvelle Harrison" throughout the game. Here is Harris's postgame thoughts on Reggie screwing up his name for 40 minutes (plus halftime):

"But my name is 'Marvelle Harris', Reggie Miller. 'Marvelle Harris' ... no 'o-n' at the end."

TNT is going to continue shoving Reggie Miller's incompetent commentary down our throats, and my dream is for this kid to one day make the Knicks, so that every time he calls a Knicks game Reggie is reminded of how much he sucks at his job. And the Knicks take down the Pacers, 101-90. Strong performance off the bench by rookie Marvelle Harris ... hey Reggie, remember when you kept calling him by the wrong name? You're such a dumbass!

Marvelle Harris won't be drafted. He will probably never make it to the NBA, with the Knicks or any other squad. But there's always a chance for him to develop in the D-League. The kid can dream, and so can I.