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The currently pick-less Knicks are hosting a draft viewing for the media Thursday

Will there be pie and punch?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks had a pretty damn good 2015 draft, snagging a potential franchise cornerstone in Kristaps Porzingis, turning Tim Hardaway into Jerian Grant, and trading for the rights to Willy Hernangomez. Perhaps the Zen Master are feeling a bit cocky, because they are inviting the press to watch the draft Thursday, despite the glaring lack of a draft pick:

Is this the GM equivalent of Steph Curry turning away with the jumper still in the air? Maybe not. There will probably be draft picks to be had late in the second round, and the front office probably has a decent indication of which picks could be for sale, and for how much.

Still, I wouldn't want the New York press around me even in the best of times, let alone on a draft night when the team might be shut out entirely. Imagine the headlines:

Party for None.

Phailure Phil Phlunks Draft Phinal, Phans to Phlay Him Phorthwith

Whatever. The organization seems intent on landing a pick, and I support them in this endeavor. Let's party all draft night long!