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Derrick Williams and Arron Afflalo are opting out, will become free agents

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Here they are:

1. I was a little nervous, but this was probably to be expected. You'd really have to doubt your own earning ability to neglect an opportunity to sign a new contract this summer. There's a lot of money out there!

2. I guess it's not impossible that these guys -- Williams more likely than Afflalo-- could come back, but if not: Farewell to Arron Afflalo, who was a reasonable but unmoving addition, and played pretty hideous basketball as a Knick. And farewell to Derrick Williams, who rarely helped, but was quite a bit of fun, especially in those rare moments the pace got going.

3. I'll leave the cap math to someone else, but it's somewhere around $30 million in space for the Knicks, right? These things are complicated:

Anyway, cool. Go get paid, gentlemen!