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The Knicks are trading Robin Lopez and others for Derrick Rose

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Ok what:

As Joe has established, Derrick Rose makes some sense for the Knicks. He has an expiring (big, but expiring) deal, and he was a very great point guard not too long ago, so he's worth a shot.

I do not remotely understand putting such a package together for Rose. One should be able to get someone with his injury history and contract (and ongoing sexual assault suit) for pretty much nothing. Robin Lopez is a very good player on a very good contract, not someone who gets lumped into such a trade, Jerian Grant is a valuable asset as well, and there was no longer any financial pressure to get rid of Calderon.

The Knicks should be *getting* those kind of assets for taking Rose off the Bulls' hands, not surrendering them. Even if Rose were his near MVP-level self and a very desirable asset, he's a free agent *next year*.

We're keeping an eye on this to see what unfolds -- and that continues through the draft -- but this is bizarre and looks like way too big a trade for way too iffy a player.