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The Knicks waived Tony Wroten

Most important news of the day.

Seems apt.
Seems apt.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

A little more than three months ago, the Knicks signed Tony Wroten to a 2-year deal. As Seth noted in that post, deals of the type that the Knicks signed Wroten to are win-win for the team: if the player does well, the team has a cheap asset; if the player does poorly or gets injured, the team can cut him without much issue because the deal is only partially guaranteed. Because of that, it's rare for a player on one of those deals to be cut before Summer League or Training Camp. And yet, since this has been a weird day, this happened:

(Popper says "already announced details" because the team announced it at the same time as the Derrick Rose trade.)

As Joe explained here, not a single dollar of Wroten's contract becomes guaranteed until October 10th, so the Knicks don't owe him anything. If I had to guess, I'd say the team didn't like the way Wroten was rehabbing from his torn ACL. That, or they think that when you have Derrick Rose, you don't need a single other PG on the roster. Who's to say?

Regardless of the reason, Tony Wroten is no longer a Knick. Farewell, Tony. We hardly knew ye.