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The Knicks chose not to participate in the 2016 NBA Draft

First time in 21 years the Knicks haven't made a pick.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With $3.5 million in hand, those are all things the Knicks could have done tonight, but they chose not to. That's not a huge deal -- perhaps the guys the Knicks liked best in workouts are still available, and indeed undrafted free agent additions will start rolling in quickly with Orlando Summer League nigh (July 2). It's just a bummer to watch a whole draft and end the night without any grainy YouTube videos to enjoy. Rookies are fun, and especially since the Knicks dealt Jerian Grant, it'd have been nice to restock the roster with some young guardsmanship just for that fun. Again, perhaps said fun youngster is yet to come, but we now know it won't be, say, Tyler Ulis or Patrick McCaw or Demetrius Jackson or Kay Felder, or Isaiah Whitehead, who I really came to like this year. Not because the Knicks couldn't get one of those guys, but because they chose not to.

So, the Knicks still employ 5 players. That's a lot of signing they'll need to do! We'll see which remaining rookies will join them in Orlando soon. Plenty of interesting guys remain.

(Shoutout to  reporters who just sat in New York's draft night viewing room, and only got some Phil/Hornacek quotes and one tiny scoop for their trouble.)