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This week in Knicks social media: Farewell to old friends, hello to new ones

Also, we stare lovingly at Kristaps Porzingis's biceps.

It was a week of change for the New York Knicks, and that was reflected on social media. Let us begin by bidding adieu to some of the accounts we lost:

Yep, that's pretty much what you'd expect from Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez. Fare thee well. We'll miss your wonderful Twitter accounts.

From a social media perspective, the Knicks aren't getting much in return. Derrick Rose did post this link to a heartfelt article he posted on The Cycle ...

But that was his first tweet since Dec. 1, 2015. The other player acquired in the deal, Justin Holiday, peppers his Twitter feed with roughly a gazillion Bible quotes. No mention of the trade thus far, but he did post this cryptic Tweet:

Kevin Seraphin, the player who sported the No. 1 jersey last season, had a message for the haterz who thought that number should belong to Rose:

Then he met soccer legend Zinedine Zidane ...

... and discussed manga:

Don't worry, Kevin, you'll always be No. 1 when it comes to social media.

Finally, we end with the photo you've all been waiting for: Kristaps Porzingis lifting weights!

Check out those Latvian pythons!

Kristaps is gonna destroy the NBA.