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Jeff Hornacek has already visited several Carmelo Anthony workouts

Hornacek is watching...not in a creepy way, though!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With all the trades and free agent rigmarole, it's quite easy to forget that the Knicks will also be breaking in a new coach next season. Jeff Hornacek is now in Orlando, working with the Summer League squad, but he didn't leave the Big Apple without first seizing the opportunity to watch his best player, Carmelo Anthony, work out.

And Melo certainly seemed to appreciate the gesture. Per Marc Berman:

"He came to see me work out a couple of times, which was surprising,'' Anthony said Monday at the US Olympic Team press conference in Harlem. "My head coach is in there, sitting there waiting to watch me work out. That was good feeling just to see the energy and vibe was a lot different. For him to take that step and want to have that conversation with me, wanting to start off the relationship on the right foot, I accepted that."

Starting the relationship off on the right foot seems like such an easy task for a new coach, but these are the Knicks we're talking about, after all. Hornacek will be the fifth coach Melo has played for since joining the team in 2011. He was probably a little desperate for a positive sign out of Coach No. 5. And he got it!

The two didn't really talk much basketball during these workouts, but Melo stressed that he is a "big supporter" of Hornacek. Personally I think it's a tad bit unfair that Melo lets this one dude watch him work out, but calls the cops every time I try to watch him. Not cool, man!