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Jeff Hornacek's coaching staff is taking shape, including Howard Eisley

Once a Knick...later a Knicks' coach?

Coach V. Coach!
Coach V. Coach!
Al Bello/Getty Images

We had heard reports that Jeff Hornacek would be coaching the Knicks in Summer League, but that may not be the case:

Nevertheless, Hornacek has his coaching staff in place, and the gang is already getting down to work in Orlando. Among the fresh faces is a guy we older Knicks fans know only too well.

Howard Eisley! OAKAAK! Between this hire and Scott Layden getting the GM job in Minnesota, we've been getting waaaaay too many early-'00s Knicks flashbacks. New York dealt him away in the Stephon Marbury deal, along with the pick that became Gordon Hayward. This franchise has been bad at trades, yo.

Here's the rest of the gang:

We already did a write-up of Gaines and Sichting, who was considered Hornacek's offensive coordinator in Phoenix. Will he and Kurt Rambis engage in some sort of behind-the-scenes struggle for the Knicks offense, a Game of Head Assistant's Chairs, if you will?

As for the dearly departed, OH NO HOW WILL WE SIGN KEVIN DURANT WITHOUT HIS BOY BRIAN KEEFE #PhilPhailed #HornacekPhailed? Seriously, though, Keefe was a fine coach and he'll be missed. Longstaff and Bliss were Thunder guys brought over by Derek Fisher, which means Rambis is the only Phil Jackson confidant remaining ... unless you count this hat, of course:

Here's the crew in action. Westchester assistant Coby Karl appears to be in the house:

Quality basketball and fashionable hats for all!