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Jeff Hornacek sat down with Jonah Ballow to discuss basketball philosophy and Kristaps Porzingis's eyes

Eye of the Unicorn!

The Jeff Hornacek press conference was fun, but wouldn't it be nice to hear the Knicks' newest head coach speak without the accompaniment of Phil Jackson's oft-incoherent snark?

"Millennials, children, family and a trip to Cuba," Okie dokie.

Hornacek took time to sit down and chat one-on-one with Jonah Ballow, providing at least a few more illuminating details into the mind of the coach.

Highlights include ...

- Hornacek was brought in as an assistant to work with Andrei Kirilenko, Kyle Korver and Wes Matthews. By all means, Jeff, make our players like those players.

- After he was dumped by Phoenix, Hornacek was invited by Steve Kerr to spend a few days observing Warriors practices. "Got some ideas of how they run things, and what might work for me." And Phil hired this guy? Whatever happened to "How's it goink?" You've changed, man. You've changed.

- He'd like to hire assistant coaches with "the most knowledge." But what kind of knowledge? We must knooooooow!

- Nice "simpatico" joke. Hornacek has been paying attention.

- "As a coach I always felt you try to do the best for the guys you have ... You try to guide what works best for your players." This sounds like some sort of witchcraft.

- He could see the mental toughness in the eyes of Kristaps Porzingis.


I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Hornacek.