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Can Tony Wroten put years of knee trouble behind him in time for Summer League?

His problems may stem from a high school football injury.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue the long march to Summer League and the debut of free agent acquisition Tony WrotenMarc Berman provided us with some background on the knee injury that has kept him out the better part of two years. Former NBA player and Seattle-based Wroten mentor Will Conroy (Seattle guys really stick together, don't they?) said that Wroten's 2015 surgery was a re-do of botched knee operation dating back to his high school days.

As hard as it may be to believe, it is possible Wroten had been doing stuff like this for years on a knee that wasn't 100-percent sound:

So how is the knee holding up these days? There are some encouraging signs of progress, according to Berman:

As late as April 8, Knicks coach Kurt Rambis called Wroten's future "a complete unknown'' and a source said then his legs still weren't strong.

According to an NBA source, however, there is much greater optimism in the seven weeks since the season ended, with Wroten's progression spiking.

Assuming everything checks out medically, we can expect to see Wroten in Orlando. He certainly seems to be excited:

Orlando will hopefully provide a chance Knicks fans -- not to mention new head coach Jeff Hornacek -- to see the lanky guard from the Pacific Northwest in action. Tony Wroten is still very much a reclamation project -- his contract is not guaranteed for a reason. He put nice counting stats and horrible efficiency numbers in the malfunctioning fire trap that was the Sixers. He can't control the work doctors put into his knee, but he appears to be working hard and doing what the club asks of him. That's really all we can ask.