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Know the prospect: Yogi Ferrell

Tiny Hooiser guard and retired middle school rapper.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, ESPN's Ian Begley reminded Knicks fans that the club remains interested in a number of guards, most of whom fit the 6'4"-and-above profile that has traditionally been preferred by team president Phil Jackson. One guard Begley mentioned who most certainly does not fit that profile, however, is the 6'0" Yogi Ferrell:

The club has shown interest in several players in recent weeks, including Indiana guard Yogi Ferrell, who has a workout scheduled with the club next month.


Ferrell, a 6-0 guard, has impressed in workouts, according to sources, and was the only point guard last season to average 17 PPG, 5.5 assists and shoot at least 40% from 3.

Ferrell was an high school All-American who ran some strong Hoosier offenses during his four-year college career. In a way, his time at Indiana is reminiscent of Jerian Grant's tenure at Notre Dame -- four-year point guards running uptempo, pick-and-roll-heavy offenses. Whereas Grant's defining physical attribute is his height, Ferrell gets by on speed and elusiveness.

In the interest of remaining thorough, here is a rap song he recorded in the 6th grade:

Ferrell's biggest problem is that he isn't particularly good at finishing, and nobody understands the irritation caused by guards missing layups better than Knicks fans. He has a pretty solid pull-up jumper and good numbers from beyond the arc (42.0 3P%), but there's probably too much potential for "Shane Larkin: Part II" going on here. He'd certainly make sense as a D-League acquisition, but the front office should look into other guards if they should land that coveted 2nd-round pick.