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Isaiah Whitehead discusses his workout with Jeff Hornacek and the Knicks

Will Whitehead be anointed by the Jackson-Houston-Hornacek trinity?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Combo guard Isaiah Whitehead has spent most of the past few months in Las Vegas, preparing for the NBA draft, but the New York prep legend did make a brief return to his hometown last weekend to work out with the Knicks before shipping right back out to the desert.

As one might expect, team president Phil Jackson, new head coach Jeff Hornacek and assistant GM Allan Houston were running the show. Here's what Whitehead had to say about the workout, per SNY's Mike Grimala:

"More than half of it was triangle offense," he said. "I've never run anything like that. It was a lot to pick up, but once I got the hang of it I really excelled at it."

Whitehead said Hornacek ran the workout and that the coach was "hands-on" in teaching the offense, and that the decision makers were complimentary of his play during post-workout interviews.

"I think I did pretty well for my first time running the triangle," Whitehead said. "Coach Hornacek showed me a few things that really helped. It was a good workout. They really like me as a player, so that's a blessing."

This is the second reported instance of Hornacek running a triangular workout since he took over the head coach position last week. It helps to think of these not only as workouts for the players, but for Hornacek as a coach. He's never worked with the Triangle before, so he might as well play around with in a bit while seeing what fits and what doesn't.

As for Whitehead, here's hoping he really did make a good impression on the Knicks' front office. He is very well liked among the P&T staff. Our own Sir Charles Osborn will be bringing you a comprehensive prospect profile at noon 1 pm, to accommodate the Rambis news, so watch out!