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Kurt Rambis will remain on the Knicks coaching staff


Triangulate the location
Triangulate the location
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New head coach Jeff Hornacek was granted the right to pick his coaching staff free of Phil Jackson's influence. Or so they say. How one can be free of influence from their superiors is beyond me. Nevertheless it turns out that Horndog indeed will be keeping Kurt Rambis around on an extended contract, according to ESPN:

"Nothing is being forced down Jeff's neck," one source with knowledge of the dynamic said, in reference to the idea that team president Phil Jackson would force Hornacek to hire Rambis.

But if you're at the table you should eat something. So the guy who wanted Kristaps Porzingis to get more post touches- possibly playing from the small forward slot is going to be hired to a longer contract than what he already had. It doesn't come as such a shock to be honest. Rambis was jockeying for the head coach position and even seemed like a front runner. His affable, dopey disposition probably isn't a threat to what was a fairly professional locker room last season. This is especially so if he's not an associate head coach, a lead assistant, offensive assistant, defensive assistant or associate head offensive assistant to the regional lead defensive assistant. Thankfully he sees Hornacek as a contemporary and that might make his voice heard under a new light.

So there ya have it, Hornacek's first hire has as direct a tie to the management as there could possibly be, but they're pals. Thats a point for your devilish Triangle, zen master! When the smoke dissipates and mirrors are shattered it will be curious to see who remains (looking at you, Jim Cleamons) and who comes in fresh. Stay tuned.