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Clyde Frazier dominated Anthony Davis in a Jimmy Kimmel game show segment

Clyde knows everything...that happened prior to the Reagan administration.

Poor Anthony Davis. The Pelicans big man probably thought he could go on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, share a few laughs, charm a national audience, and promote his brand. Little did he know he was about to be out-flanked by the most charming dude in the history of mankind, Walt "Clyde" Frazier.

Davis and Clyde squared off in a Kimmel "Generation Gap" segment, where old and young people are asked questions about each other's generation. Clyde dominated in his own Clydesque way. Pay no attention to the final score: Clyde owned this segment the same way he owned the Lakers in Game 7:


- "He's from my home state of Geor-ger. Jimmy Carter!"

- When asked Jay Z's real last name: "Z!"

- When asked about the term "Netflix and chill": "It has something to do with computers?"

- "I was there, man ... Woodstock!"

How is it possible for a guy to know so little about modern pop culture while simultaneously making modern pop culture seem completely irrelevant? Now I almost feel ashamed I know what "Netflix and chill" means. If Clyde doesn't know it, it isn't cool.