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Woj: Actually, Eric Gordon is the Knicks' top backcourt target now

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When I went to bed like 4 hours ago, the Knicks were supposedly dead-set on making Courtney Lee their big wing signing. Now I am awake again and Woj says it's Eric Gordon, not Lee:

That would kinda fit a pattern, eh? Gordon came into the league with a pretty versatile, two-way reputation, but he's offered outside shooting -- good outside shooting! -- and very little else for most of his recent career. A big part of that is that he's basically never had a healthy season. He's had wrist things, groin things, knee things, shoulder things, finger things... every kind of thing you can think of. Things in places you didn't even know could have things. I'd basically forgotten Eric Gordon was in the NBA until this free agency started. But yeah, that body once housed quite a good NBA player. Just can't say for sure how much of him is in there anymore. It's a theme!

Again, nothing is even close to done on any of these deals, and beyond the Kings' supposed interest, I'm not seeing a clear reason why Lee would have fallen out of the running. We'll continue to watch and wait.