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Notes from Day 2 of Knicks Summer League practice

Cleanthony Early is hurt. Ron is Ron.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We all know by now that Cleanthony Early can't catch a break, but this is getting ridiculous:

The Knicks forward has battled knee problems and a friggin' gunshot wound during his two years with the team. New York did not tender him a qualifying offer on Thursday, which officially makes him an unrestricted free agent. That won't really help much if he can't get on the court.

That was the bad news from Day 2 of Summer League practices. The good news is ... Ron!

If you'd like to learn more about Ron Baker, consult the video within:

Ron believes coach Jeff Hornacek, "...just wants me to be myself." It's good advice. Let Ron be Ron.

Here's some nice practice footage, comprised of basketball-looking stuff:

Everyone looks so happy! Also, it would appear that Westchester Knicks GM Allen Houston has joined up with the coaching staff. That's smart -- he needs to get a look at the next crop of future W-Knicks.

Game 1 of Summer League is Saturday at 3 PM. Be there or be square.