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Trust the hat: Joakim Noah is a Knick

We don't yet know the terms, but Noah is coming to New York.

In the beginning, there was Porzingod. But the NBA world was wicked, and so Porzingod called upon his disciple, Noah: "Put on thy Knicks hat, and take to Instagram, I command thee!" And, lo, Noah did obey.

Jah bless

A photo posted by Joakim Noah (@stickity13) on

That would seem to make it official: Joakim Noah is a Knick. His longtime teammate, Taj Gibson, has already bid farewell on Twitter:

The final details have yet to be released, but it seems clear that this deal is going to be for four years, and probably in the neighborhood of $70 to $72 million:

Look, I have been and will continue to be very critical of the number of years on this deal. That being said, any player who confirms his new franchise with a shirtless pic of himself wearing the team's hat with the caption "Jah bless" is alright by me. Welcome to the Knicks, Joakim.