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2016 Knicks Free Agency: Some backcourt updates while the Knicks and Joakim Noah dine

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson, Steve Mills, Jeff Hornacek, and Clarence Gaines are eating dinner with Joakim Noah at a resort in Orlando as I type this sentence:

We have every reason (a hat) to believe Noah will join the Knicks. We just don't know the contract details -- nothing new has emerged since 21 hours ago, when every reporter heard something about a fully guaranteed, 4-year, $72ish million deal. Perhaps when the meal is done, there will be a real verbal agreement on some actual numbers. Perhaps that will remain undecided because the Knicks have some other maths at hand.

($11 million is less leftover than would expect with a $72/4 deal, no?)


Anyway, maths. One math is an offer of indeterminate size made to Courtney Lee:

Another is the possibility of making an offer to Eric Gordon, who is apparently talking to the Grizzlies as well:

I don't know what you need to do, Grizzlies, but I'd be cool with you figuring that out. Shit, if you wanna dump Tony Allen's expiring contract in New York and tack a pick on with it, I wouldn't be mad.

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade is either using the Knicks for leverage for the 15th time, as Ramona Shelburne seems to be suggesting:

... or hey, who knows, maybe this is the time Pat Riley and Wade finally break. Given everyone else they've pursued, I'm sure the Knicks (and Carmelo Anthony) want the guy. But yeah, the money thing. Woj does not include New York among the teams offering Wade $20 million a year since, you know, they can't if they want to sign Noah.

And there's Austin Rivers:

Hi Austin Rivers. I ... uh ... hi.

(Meanwhile, the Blazers just added Evan Turner and are reportedly pursuing Pau Gasol. Are they definitely gonna match an offer sheet on Allen Crabbe? I'm just asking. Would he be of interest if not, or do the Knicks only want guys who've had some surgeries?)

What I bet is that at some point -- perhaps very soon tonight -- a couple Knicks deals are gonna break at once. Whatever deals those are, they're pretty much guaranteed to look quite huge compared to what's already on the roster (or been shed from the roster). That's how it is this summer. We'll let you know!