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Notes from Day 3 of Knicks Summer League practice

A Plumlee speaks!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson and the gang waited until Friday night to meet Joakim Noah in person. Why the delay? Probably so they could all watch this sweet-ass Knicks Summer League practice footage:

Joakim Noah probably took one look at Louis Labeyrie's hair -- not to mention the bone-crushing screen he set at 0:27 -- and said, "Gimme the hat; I'm coming to New York!" Noah and Labeyrie share a love of lustrous locks as well as a French connection -- Joakim's dad Yannick is one of the greatest French athletes of all time -- so I'm sure they'll become fast friends.

After practice, Marshall Plumlee talked about the connection he shares with his brother Miles, who played under Jeff Hornacek in Phoenix. If there's a coach out there with recent NBA experience, chances are good that he's had at least one Plumlee on his squad:

Summer League starts TODAY at 3PM. Can't wait!