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Courtney Lee has a 4-year offer from the Knicks, while the Kings sign Arron Afflalo

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

First I saw this ...

... and I was like "okay, that's long but fine, and 4-year deals seem to be the thing and I like Courtney Lee a lot." But then I saw this ...

... and I thought "well, the Kings seem like a worse situation, since they have Ben McLemore already and they seem like they'll be worse." But then this crossed my timeline:

And I smiled for so many reasons.

So yeah, one would think the Kings are out of the running for Lee, and perhaps that means the Knicks can get themselves a verbal agreement. Not sure which other teams are joining in that push. Lee is definitely my favorite of the wings who've garnered (reported) interest from New York, so I hope this gets done. Even for 4 years.