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Will Smith makes a Phil Jackson/Triangle joke in 'Suicide Squad'. There is no escape anymore.

Triangle references are the one constant in the multiverse.

I watch New York Knicks basketball to escape the tedium and tragedy of everyday life. I watch movies to escape the tedium and tragedy of watching Knicks basketball.

Those two worlds collided Saturday when I happened upon the Comic-Con Trailer for the upcoming film Suicide Squad.Things were going swell until the 1:42 mark, when Deadshot, (Will Smith) dropped a reference to the Triangle offense:

"You might want to work on your team-motivation thing. You heard of Phil Jackson? He's like the gold standard, OK? Triangle, bitch."

Keep in mind, this is the DC universe we're talking about here. The city of New York doesn't even exist -- they have Metropolis, Gotham, Midway City, places like that. Yet somehow, in this world of human/crocodile hybrids, witches and Jared Leto, we are still hearing about the goddamn Triangle!

Remember Jeff Hornacek's introductory press conference, when he looked visibly uncomfortable mentioning the word "Triangle" at first? The dude had been in New York for all of one week. We Knicks fans have been dealing with that awkwardness for damn near three years now. We argue the merits of using Tex Winter's triple-post offense in the modern NBA, but I think we all can agree that the word "Triangle" is overused and annoying and should forever be banned from existence outside of trigonometry and shit like that.

So please, Mr. Fresh Prince: I will pay to see your movie -- hell, I'll even pay extra to see it in 4-X-D-Dolby-whatever -- so long as you keep it as Triangle-free as possible.