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Carmelo Anthony is raising his on-court profanity game to new heights for Team USA

King Kong ain't got shit on Melo going up for a rebound!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In part 1 of this latest incarnation of "The Phil Files", Phil Jackson compared Carmelo Anthony's leadership style to understated, lead-by-example legends like Willis Reed and Lou Amundson: "Carmelo isn't going to yell or throw chairs. His style is much more subtle."

Oh yeah, Phil? Well if Melo's leadership style doesn't involve yelling, then how do you explain this first-quarter possession in Team USA's big win over China?

Would DeAndre Jordan have even known to "go get that shit" if Melo hadn't told him? Melo struggled with his shot in Team USA's 106-57 win over China, hitting just 2 of 9 from the field, but he pulled down a team-high 8 rebounds and dished out 5 assists. More importantly, he showed some vocal motherfucking leadership!

The Knicks forward has always been known for his rather pronounced cursing habit, but the three-time Olympic medalist has raised his profanity game to another level in the lead-up to Rio. Check out the 0:15 mark of this highlight clip from Team USA's opener against Argentina:

And just in case you were thinking that he is simply putting on an R-rated show for the crowd, here he is at practice:

Melo might not be the most talented player on this team, and he certainly isn't the best athlete, but nobody is going to out-hustle or out-cuss him on the court!

The USA will face off against China once again on Tuesday in Oakland. Feel free to hit me up, Melo, if you want to learn some Mandarin curse words before then.