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Derrick Rose's civil sexual assault trial is set for Oct. 4 in Los Angeles

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We here at P&T report news as it relates to the New York Knicks, and this now qualifies. Per ESPN:

A federal judge has denied Derrick Rose's motion to have the civil sexual assault case against him dismissed, and the trial is scheduled to start Oct. 4 in Los Angeles, presumably in the middle of Rose's first training camp with the New York Knicks.

There's no surprise here -- this civil suit has been pending for some time now. The Knicks knew about it when they traded for Derrick Rose, who has denied the allegations. Still, Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald wrote, "There can be no doubt that genuine disputes exist as to almost every material fact in this action," according to documents acquired by ESPN. And so this suit will presumably be settled in the courts.

This could affect Rose's availability, at the very least during training camp. The Knicks have yet to release their preseason schedule.

And that's the news. Keep it civil in the comments, please.