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The Knicks' Orlando Summer League team, which is very bad, lost again

The Knicks' Summer League team is very bad, even by Summer League standards. They failed to score 50 points in a 40-minute game for the second day in a row. No individual played particularly well. That's okay. Here are a few notes:

- No Cleanthony Early again.

- J.P. Tokoto, who apparently didn't do much Saturday, had some nice non-usage moments. He gambled a bit on defense, but not egregiously, and showed enough athleticism to recover. He had one really nice block and a couple rebound -> outlet passes that stood out to me. If he could (or would) shoot at all I think he'd look just like an NBA player.

- Marvelle Harris didn't really hit his shots today, but he took smart ones, and handled the ball more confidently than anyone else on the floor. I get a good vibe from him without much to back it up -- just a couple slick dribble moves and a general poise about him.

- Ron Baker still wasn't hitting outside shots either, and his lack of lift got several nice-looking drives swatted into oblivion. That defense really is impressive, though. His quick feet, low stance, and apparent sense for where the defender's preferences do a lot to limit opponents' looks.

- A guy named "Devin Booker" who isn't the burgeoning star needing tape to amend a jersey that doesn't have his correct number is SO Summer League and so, so wonderful:

- Louis Labeyrie twice almost fought a dude named Jankovic, which caused Clyde to semi-name-drop Jelena Jankovic.

- Here's Clyde shouting "QUACK QUAAACK" at some swans:

- So uhh if the Heat don't want to keep this dude Rodney McGruder ...

Yeah that's it. More Summer League Tuesday afternoon. And obviously more free agent updates here, should they prevent themselves. Have a great holiday!