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Chasson Randle leading the Summer League team to victory was the greatest performance in Knicks history

Knicks 92, Clippers 84. Miracles do happen.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

His name is Chasson Randle, and he is your new god of Summer League. He is Stanford's all-time leading scorer, he went undrafted in 2015, and averaged 12.0 points per game for ČEZ Nymburk, champions of Czech basketball. And he almost single-handedly brought life to the Knicks' Summer League squad, dropping 24 points (8-15 shooting, 6-9 from three), 5 rebounds, 5 assists (against 4 turnovers), 6 steals and a block as the formerly woebegone Summerbockers came from behind to edge the Clippers in overtime, 92-84.

Yes, these Knicks scored 92 points -- 84 of them in regulation. To put that into perspective, they scored 49 points in Game 1 and 48 points in Game 2, when Randle didn't play. Why didn't he play? It remains a mystery. But we got to see him today, and it was worth it.

Not that Randle was alone, exactly. Ron Baker finally hit a couple of shots at the end of the fourth quarter, and his on-ball defense swallowed up Clippers ball-handlers down the stretch. Seriously, those dudes couldn't even get a shot off for minutes at a time. J.P. Tokoto had his moments as well, despite shooting the worst floaters I have ever seen. He could really be something if he learned not to spazz out when driving into traffic.

But who am I kidding: This win belongs to Randle. Maybe he'll walk off into the sunset and we'll never see him again. But he is the greatest Knick who ever lived.

Some highlights from today:

And some Randle highlights from college: