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Langston Galloway will sign with the Pelicans

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the Knicks are letting one go:

I really thought when the Knicks rescinded Langston Galloway's qualifying offer, it was because they knew they could retain him without restricting him. And indeed, the Knicks are able to exceed the salary cap to pay Galloway, offering him a contract starting around $6 million a year.

But alas, this doesn't appear to be happening, in part because New Orleans will grant Galloway an option New York couldn't:

And, uh, now that I see this Post report, maybe because the Knicks weren't willing to give Galloway $6 million a year anyway:

The Knicks, who could not include an opt-out under CBA rules, had offered $3 million per year.

Helps that the Pelicans play in the dude's home state, too. I'll be interested to see much Lang will play in New Orleans with Jrue Holiday, E'Twaun Moore, Tyreke Evans, and maybe Toney Douglas already on board.

Without Galloway, the Knicks will need to supplement their backcourt depth (bench guards: Brandon Jennings, Justin Holiday ... that's it) with very little money. There are like tens of dollars remaining under the cap, so we're probably talking about a veteran's minimum deal. (Or you, Chasson Randle!)

Anyway, farewell to an extremely likeable young player who took a fantastic trajectory from undrafted to Summer League to D-League to genuinely useful Knick. His dunks were impressive, his perimeter defense was solid, and his shooting was at times quite accurate. I'll be a fan for life.