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Knicks give Marshall Plumlee 3-year deal with a first-year guarantee

Former Duke big man Marshall Plumlee will report to training camp with the Knicks thanks to a new three year contract that fully guarantees his salary in year one.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Go ahead and click "buy" on that Marshall Plumlee jersey you've had open in the next tab: the Knicks have apparently seen enough of the former Duke big man to offer him a deal with a first-year guarantee.

Plumlee's agency, Priority Sports, was the first to report the signing

What this means is that Plumlee just went from a Summer League player to a likely member of the 15-man roster. So far he has played about 22 minutes per game in Orlando with middling results, so this doesn't seem to be a product of this week's play. Maybe Plumlee has shown consistency during practices, or maybe the Knicks are willing to buy into his pedigree. What matters is that Knicks fans can expect Plumlee in Westchester when training camp starts.

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Plumlee is an Army Reservist, according to Marc Berman:

He was not drafted in late June and already has a career lined up after basketball. He joined the Army Reserve two years ago in a ceremony on the Duke campus. When he hangs up his basketball sneakers, he's going straight to the Army.

Does that mean he'll have to leave the team for one weekend every month?