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OLYMPIC NEWS: Carmelo Anthony covers his crotch, Vanessa Carlton offers an olive branch

Cue the Olympic theme music!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As the old sage of Team USA, Carmelo Anthony has to deal with many issues, both on and off the court. The squad cannot lose focus so close to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Distractions can tear a team apart. And there's nothing more distracting than a photo of Draymond Green's penis on your Snapchat. (I linked a story, not the photo, ya perverts!)

How would Melo handle the Green penis controversy? He and his USA teammates showed solidarity by covering up their respective crotches during the photoshoot for their official Opening Ceremony uniforms:

Word to the wise, Melo: Whichever yacht club y'all are planning to join here, they probably won't let you in if you continue to draw attention to your nether regions.

Melo himself became a bit of a distraction after footage surfaced of him acting super grumpy while his teammates sang the Vanessa Carlton classic "A Thousand Miles." Seriously, in the modern sports world pretty much everything is a distraction.

Fortunately, Carlton offered Melo an olive branch, via Twitter:

You might as well answer the lady, Melo. Just explain yourself, express some remorse, and move on. The Olympics start Friday.