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La La Anthony lets DJ Khaled wear Carmelo’s Olympic gold medals

Sure, why not?

I may be old and not “with it”, but even I’ve heard of DJ Khaled. He’s that guy who does all the Snapchatting, which bagged him his very own Silk almond milk commercial. He also raps, from what I’ve heard.

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat is the place to be right now, and Carmelo Anthony and his wife, La La, are savvy marketers — at least as savvy as the people at Silk — so Melo gave his medals to La La so she could let Khaled wear them on his Snapchat:

“Only basketball player in history to have three gold medals is my husband, Carmelo Anthony.” That’s just quality branding, La La.

Personally, I wouldn’t let a shirtless DJ Khaled wear my gold medals. It’s not that I have anything against the guy, it’s just that I would be extremely choosy about who gets to wear my medals. I wouldn’t even let my wife wear them — sorry boo, but I can’t allow a Chinese citizen to rock ‘Murican gold!

Major key alert! That’s what I’m supposed to say here, right?