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Friday Night Sensual Knicks: Teammates that train in the pool together win together

Too sexy!

Do y’all wanna see a bunch of shirtless Knicks working out in the pool? Of course you do! Our boys Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee and Sasha Vujacic took to the pool for some team exercise with Gameshape, Inc. and made sure to capture it on Instagram:

For maximum effect, you might as well view the photos while listening to “Pony” by Ginuwine:

This is some quality veteran leadership from Vujacic, who I’m going to assume set this whole thing up — no other Knick is quite so adept at putting together training footage that looks like a cologne ad, as one astute P&T commenter recently put it.

You can almost hear Sasha exhorting his teammates: We all take our shirts off, post on Instagram. Ladies like it!

They sure do, Sasha. In the span of 24 hours we’ve seen this and Carmelo Anthony parading around a bodega in a “Melo” bathrobe. The Knicks are winning 70 games this season, y’all. Book it!