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Ron Baker’s first children’s book, ‘You’re Too Big to Dream Small’, is on sale now!

A spiritual successor to “Rockin’ Steady”

Miami v Wichita State Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

We here at P&T have made it no secret that we support Ron Baker — better known simply as “Ron” — in basketball endeavors. But that is not enough! We must also lend a hand to our boy in his burgeoning career as a children’s book author.

Earlier this week, Kraken Books started taking orders for Baker’s first book, “You’re Too Big to Dream Small,” a story based on his journey from the wheat fields of Western Kansas to walking on at Wichita State to (hopefully) taking the court as an NBA player. I certainly hope it has a better ending than the last book I read that was set in Western Kansas: “In Cold Blood.”

This is the first piece of Knicks-related children’s literature since Carmelo Anthony’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. Baker did much of the writing, and also consulted illustrator Briana Ludwig on the pictures. His mother wrote the foreword.

He described “You’re Too Big to Dream Small” in an interview with

“The book itself is really big on its illustrations, and the biggest thing I wanted is for my photos to be more of the story. In this book, the pictures are really drawn out for kids to see the action and put an image in their heads when they read the poem. I’m hoping they can take away something from it, whether it’s getting outside and being active, having fun with family or friends, or just always believing in yourself regardless of what your last name is, what race you are or where you come from.”

Ron will sign the first 6,000 copies, so get a move on!

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavor, young Ron. You’re probably too young to remember “The Critic”, but you definitely need one of these: