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This week in Knicks social media: Willy Hernangomez gets ink, Derrick Rose mends fences

Tinta for Willy!

Do you remember what you did the last time you won an Olympic bronze medal? If you’re Knicks center Willy Hernangomez, you Snapchat yourself giving a hearty thumbs-up getting a “Rio 2016” tattoo:

Tinta” is Spanish for “ink.” In terms of post-Olympic celebrations from current Knicks, I’d rate this well below Carmelo Anthony wearing an Olympic hat and bathrobe to the bodega, but well above La La lending Melo’s medals to a shirtless DJ Khaled. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, I have no desire to ever get a tattoo, but I’d cover myself in ink before I ever let my Olympic medals touch DJ Khaled’s bare chest.

Another Olympian, Bulls guard Jimmy Butler, made some waves recently when he posted a Instagram photo of himself at a Dodgers game with Derrick Rose and his son, P.J.:

three cats at a cubs and dodgers game.

A photo posted by Jimmy Butler (@jimmybutler) on

The two former teammates supposedly butted heads near the end of Rose’s time in Chicago — at least that was the rumor — but they never had any issues off the court.

Personally, I hope this is a bit of gamesmanship from Rose — sucker the guy in with a smiling photo and the always-adorable P.J., and then whoop his ass when the Knicks meet the Bulls. Butler will never see him coming, since he famously removed all of his rearview mirrors.

Here we have Maurice Ndour chilling on Antigua Island, looking cooler than you or I ever will:

And let’s end with Brandon Jennings, who got mad philosophical:

Damn right it will be bigger.