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Kyle O’Quinn (with help from Carmelo Anthony) pulled the ultimate prank on Kevin Seraphin last season

Teammates working together to mess with other teammates!

New York Knicks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Knicks center Kyle O’Quinn is known as quite a cut-up, a practical joker extraordinaire. The dude doesn’t go for flash in his pranks; he’s too much of an artist for that. Instead he observes his mark, studies his weakness, and lays out a prank with patience and subtlety.

Take, for example, last season’s prank of fellow big man Kevin Seraphin, whose addiction to social media was one of the more delightful subplots of the 2015-16 campaign (I know for a fact no athlete has ever shared as many P&T stories as our guy Kevin).

Knowing Seraphin’s weakness, O’Quinn took his time to drive Seraphin slowly insane, with a little help from Carmelo Anthony. Per Alex Kennedy:

“Kevin Seraphin is obsessed with social media, so I unfollowed him on all of his accounts during last season,” O’Quinn with a laugh. “I just didn’t say anything and left him unfollowed for a few days. He was so confused. He really cares about that stuff, so he came to practice and was really concerned. It messed with his head. Carmelo played along and told him, ‘If a teammate unfollows you, he’s lost all trust in you. You need to fix this.’ Other teammates went along with it too. Kevin was confused for a few days and then at a team dinner in, I think, Utah, I gave a big speech in front of everyone. I talked about how mistakes were made, but I was willing to give Kevin a second chance and put my trust in him again and rebuild our bond. He was smiling like a kid in a candy shop. Then, everybody just busted up laughing. Jose Calderon was cracking up, sounding like a little kid. That’s when Kevin realized that I was messing with him the whole time and he started laughing too.”

Having experienced first-hand how often Seraphin searches his name on Twitter, I can testify that this was simply the finest possible way to prank him. Kudos to Melo for the assist: He really did become a team player last season.

You can read the rest of Kennedy’s article for more in-depth O’Quinn knowledge, but as far as I’m concerned this was by far his greatest contribution to the Knicks last season. Here’s hoping he can bring some of this genius to the court in 2016-17.