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Derrick Rose wears adorably meta shirt designs featuring his son, P.J.


Derrick Rose doesn’t exactly come off as a barrel of laughs in interviews, and he doesn’t go on Twitter much anymore, but the Knicks’ new starting point guard seems to have a fair grasp on least the ones that involve his adorable son, P.J.

A photo posted by Christy Truong (@christytruong) on

Knicks! P.J. face! Together at last!

And that hoodie isn’t the only P.J. shirt he owns.

When @bleacherreport repost off your page lol ayy that's litt

A photo posted by @jaccpot88 on

Maybe the two photos were taken on the same day; Personally, I like to believe he wears the same Dodgers hate and gray shorts every day, and only ever changes his shirt. That makes more sense, right?

In case that wasn’t cute enough, here are father and son at the Knicks’ practice facility:

For years now, all Knicks fans have had to look forward after the game were the unintentional comedy stylings of coaches like Mike Woodson and Kurt Rambis. Hopefully now we can enjoy some adorable P.J. press conferences (and maybe even a win or two).