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Captain America, a.k.a. Carmelo Anthony, is dominating social media in Rio

The O7ympics are here!

Melo hanging out with teammate Othella Harrington.
Melo hanging out with teammate Othella Harrington.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony is the old man of the United States men's national team, one of only two players with Olympic experience (along with Kevin Durant). That means it is his job to put those youngbloods in their place. He will not tolerate their early-morning Vanessa Carlton singalongs. And he will mock their wild, unkempt hairstyles, as he proves in this Snapchat video:

Let's just hold on for a minute: Did Melo just refer to DeMarcus Cousins as "Othella Harrington"? That is magnificent.

But Melo isn't merely here to rip on teammates; he's also here for the chi7dren. Some Brazilian youths found out where Team USA was practicing, pushed their way up to the door, and handed jerseys through the crack looking for autographs.

And Melo was happy to oblige:

Bless you, Melo. You are a prince among men.