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Here's a clear primer on the Derrick Rose rape trial

Everything there is to know so far.

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As things currently stand, Knicks point guard Derrick Rose is set to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom on Oct. 4 to face charges of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit. There has been so much information flying around in recent weeks; thankfully, the sports law website The White Bronco has compiled a thorough primer of the Rose case.

Here are a few points of note about the upcoming legal proceedings:

The jury trial is scheduled to begin on October 4th. For various reasons, civil trials are sometimes pushed back to a later date, however, that is almost certain not to happen in this case because the presiding just has consistently kept to his schedule and denied the parties’ requests to move court scheduled dates.

The exact length of the trial is unknown but the parties have estimated that it will take 8-10+ business days. Rose will have to attend trial, so (assuming no settlement) he will likely miss at least the Knicks’ first three preseason games (the Knicks second preseason game is on a Saturday so in theory he might be able to play in that game).

If you want to learn more about the actual details of the case and the legal arguments, read the whole thing. Please be civil and respectful in the comments, folks.