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Highlights from Carmelo Anthony’s Rum & Rain dinner party in Puerto Rico

Melo is a good host and a better dad.

By all accounts Carmelo Anthony had yet another successful charity and team-building event in Puerto Rico last weekend. Naturally, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation put together a nice little promo video of their Rum & Rain dinner party, full of Knicks dancing and acting like fools.

It wouldn’t be a Carmelo Anthony Foundation promo without a slow-motion clip of Melo smoking a big ol’ cigar:

It’s one of the more delightful of Melo’s many quirks. I can see him sending the video editor post-production notes: Where are the cigar shots? There must be cigar shots!

Here we have Melo and Kiyan being adorable:

I can never get enough footage of Lance Thomas partying. Dude is the Steve Urkel of the Knicks:

Courtesy of La La’s Snapchat, we learned that Melo calls Kyle O’Quinn “Bill Cartwright” and that O’Quinn likes to dance rather intimately with various shrubs.

Good trip, fellas. Though we’re still not sure whether or not Maurice Ndour actually showed up. All we have is one photo and a host of conspiracy theories.

The truth is out there.