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Carmelo Anthony is in Poland to sell you his goo

He also made friends with an Asian chef

Rag & Bone - Front Row - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week

Most of the New York Knicks have already assembled in the Big Apple to prepare for training camp, but Carmelo Anthony still has a bit a business to attend to overseas. Following his Puerto Rican team building seminar, the Knicks’ captain headed to ... Poland? Yep, Poland.

Out here in Poland shooting for #drinkegoo #thatsmyegoo #ThisIsMe7o #itson #brandambassador

A video posted by @carmeloanthony on

Papa Melo donned his best Eastern European button-down sweater ensemble to announce that he is filming a campaign for the Polish energy drink eGoo.

That’s right: eGoo. It’s not just another energy drink, according to its official website, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sold! I drink your milkshake, eGoo!

While in Warsaw, Melo took in authentic Polish culture in an Asian barbecue restaurant, asking the chef to show him some dance moves and calling him Juntao, a.k.a. the bad guy from Rush Hour:

I found "June Tao" #WarsawPoland #StayMe7o

A video posted by @carmeloanthony on

Is this racist? It feels a little racist, honestly. If you watched the end of Rush Hour — spoiler alert! — Juntao was actually a white guy, played by Tom Wilkinson. Does that fact make it more racist? Less racist? Was Chris Tucker’s character racist? We’ll expand on this at a later date when we hold our roundtable discussion on latent racism in turn-of-the-century Jackie Chan films. Until then, make sure to drink some goo!