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Carmelo Anthony enjoys watching his son dominate in Mortal Kombat

Melo Kombat!

Carmelo Anthony has had a fantastic summer. He won a gold medal, got his friends to help open some much needed public discourse and he set the fashion world on fire when he wore a bathrobe to the bodega. The summer of Dad was full steam ahead earlier today when Melo posted a video on Snapchat of his son annihilating a friend in Mortal Kombat.

Like most folks who are getting embarrassed by neighborhood pre-teens are wont to do, the subject of this particular whooping has reverted to his shell. Back to the camera, dodging the lens, brim of the hat providing extra shelter. Melo's son has all the time in the world to say hello and still go berserk on this poor geezer.

Wwho is this masked man getting whooped? the banner says "LT". Could it be New York Football Giants legend Lawrence Taylor?

Most likely it's corner specialist Lance Thomas (45% from the left bodega last year). He has a penchant for wearing black hats according to his "Mr Lance" Instagram feed. Getting ready to go to the store for Melo in 2016-17. Quality time bonding with your teammates matters, people!