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Derrick Rose is subject of an active criminal rape investigation

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Derrick Rose sexual assault case we've been reading about for the last few months is a civil one -- his trial date on October 4 concerns a lawsuit and potential monetary damages, not a criminal case. In the lead-up, we have heard conflicting stories about whether or not there is an additional criminal investigation into the Rose case. Monday, LAPD confirms that there is, via a letter published on The White Bronco.

This ThinkProgress piece includes some details (as does this at Deadspin) on how this may affect the civil trial -- and specifically the accuser's right to anonymity during the trial, which is thus far expected to be denied.

Knicks media day is today. It's unclear how much the Knicks will make Rose available to reporters, and after Friday's front office session, how much of a topic this case will be at all. We'll see what happens with all that, and we'll obviously keep you separately up to date on quotes and videos and photos and stuff relevant to the nice parts of media day.