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The Knicks held their first practice of the 2016-17 season!

Much Knicks!




The 2016-17 Knicks held their first team practice Tuesday. It really happened. There were Knicks players wearing Knicks (practice) uniforms, Knicking all up and down the court. It was beautiful.

Here is Brandon Jennings shooting a three. I need to pee, but I can’t stop watching.

Too late. I peed my pants. Knicks are back!

I disagree with Marc Berman that Lou Amundson’s beard is “big.” It’s an alright beard, though.

Jeff Hornacek talked a bit:

And here is Melo, talking about feeling the energy:

I feel the energy flowing through me as well. On second thought, that’s just more pee. I’m very excited.

From here the team will head to West Point for a few days of practice and army-related stuff. Melo is excited for his new friends to head out to a secluded area to “Have fun, enjoy the training camp, enjoy the grind.”

Knicks are back!