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This week in Knicks social media: Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis reunite

Thank you, basketball gods.

Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis have been extremely busy over the offseason — The Young Unicorn put together his first basketball camp in his native Latvia, and Melo hung out in Brazil for a few weeks for whatever reason.

But these two — master and apprentice — are always stronger together than they are apart. Knicks fans have been awaiting their reunion for months now, dying slowly on the inside, until last week’s Instagram post, when Kristaps and Melo joined together once again to form basketball Voltron.

Melo and Kristaps go together like Peaches and Herb:

Looking at Melo here, the dude clearly needs to get back into the gym.

As for Porzingis, even reigning Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns recognizes the skills:

Brandon Jennings is keeping busy at the gym ... by ranting on Twitter about children using athletic trainers:

Justin Holiday is already in New York, taking in the U.S. Open:

My wife and I had a great time at the US Open last night.

A photo posted by Justin Holiday (@justholla7) on

Willy Hernangomez lives the dream of getting his own 2K character:

Its a dream came true to be part of this incredible game @Ronnie2K @NBA2K @nyknicks

A photo posted by Willy Hernangómez Geuer (@willyhernangomez) on

Nice rating, Willy.

Finally, a sweaty Sasha Vujacic wishes you all a happy Labor Day: