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Grumpy Dad Melo returns: Carmelo Anthony is having none of that nonsense at the US Open

Melo doesn’t approve.

There’s nothing quite like heading out to Flushing for a leisurely Labor Day weekend of US Open tennis. It’s a great time for families to have a bit of fun, get a little crazy before getting back to the grind of the school year.

But a good father is always vigilant, and if you get out line he’s gonna shoot you that look. New York’s father, Carmelo Anthony, stopped by to watch a match on Monday, but he was once again not amused by the antics around him.

Stop making all them dang faces when you’re taking the self-photos, La La! Your face is gonna get stuck like that. It’s true ... that really happens. It happened to my Uncle Craig.

This is only the most recent in a string of public appearances by Grumpy Dad Melo. He also made headlines before the Olympics with his disapproval of a Vanessa Carlton singalong.

It’s not that Melo is anti-fun. He just wants everybody to stopping acting a fool. Y’all mess around too much, with your music and your phones! No respect! Why, when Melo was a boy, the only thing kids did for fun was jump rope and read the Bible!