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Carmelo Anthony met with Phil Jackson, reportedly reaffirmed his wish to stay with Knicks

So we’re all good now, right?

NBA: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson, president of the Knicks made a plan to speak to Carmelo Anthony, longest-tenured and highest-paid player on the Knicks, regarding an article written by Charley Rosen, former Albany Patroons assistant coach and current blogger. This meeting hasn’t been quite as easy to come by as you’d think:

Twice? That’s a bit odd, given that Phil spends most of his time in New York these days, and that he works for the same team and Melo as all. It shouldn’t be that hard to secure a meeting. But Phil is weird like that.

Ramona Shelburne, it should be noted, works in Phil’s former (and still occasional) hometown of Los Angeles. So this is almost certainly coming from Phil’s people. Not only did she break this story, her sources caught wind of the actual Melo-Phil summit, which supposedly took place this afternoon:

The great Adrian Wojnarowski, whose reporting on this kind of stuff is usually definitive, reported that Melo simply reaffirmed his commitment to staying in New York:

So, in all likelihood, this entire ordeal boils down to the following exchange:

Phil: You want a trade?

Melo: Nah.

Well I’m glad we cleared that up.