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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Looking for Signs of Hope

In which we wonder at the meaning of “week” and search for rays of sunshine

Happy New Year, Posters and Toasters!

Back on the Knicks social media beat capping off an absolutely miserable few weeks for the team. But we here at TWiKSM are not bound by petty things like “wins” and “losses”! Heartbreaking defeat doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. So here are some little bits of happiness from your Knicks, because winter is coming.

Way back over Christmas (Social Media weeks are measured differently from normal calendar weeks, FYI) the team did a Secret Santa. Some players were kind enough to share the experience. And by some players I’m talking about Marshall Plumlee. (Although Sasha Vujacic picked Justin Holiday and declared that he would buy him a diet for Christmas, in fact he bought him some wine.)

Brandon Jennings was MarsPlum’s secret Santa, and not only did he buy get a drone, Marshall was inspired to do another one of his famous MS Paint artworks to celebrate the occasion. Here is Brandon, reposting Marshall’s masterpiece of a thank-you card. Look at that wonderful camaraderie!

Glad you love it rook @marshallplumlee40 ✊

A photo posted by Brandon Jennings (@brandonjennings) on

Plumlee himself got Mindaugas Kuzminskas, the Cheese. It’s hard to say exactly what it was Marshall bought, but it appears to be a light that changes colors. Allow Kuz to show you his lights before:


..and after!


He also spent an afternoon doing appearances with Derrick Rose and some very tiny policemen, mere days after Rose’s rumspringa. Everyone looks content, which proves once again that Marshall is the best Plumlee.

DRose and I had the honor of meeting some of New York's finest from @NYPD19pct thank you for your selfless service!

A photo posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

Speaking of our wandering Rose, two days earlier Kristaps Porzingis gave us a fantastic picture with Rose’s son Derrick Jr. (yes he has his own Instagram, it is here), sartorial inspiration and one of our nation’s greatest sportsbabies. PJ, it appears, has too much sauce. Perhaps that explains things? Nothing wrong with the team, just a lot of sauce!

@impjrose got too much sauce lol. Game Day vs Indiana!!

A photo posted by Kristaps Porzingis (@kporzee) on

Plenty of good vibes from Lance Thomas giving out the pre-game high fives in rare, behind-the-scenes pre-game footage that is stamped MSG but doesn’t look like MSG? Look at all those Knickers ‘bocking each other happily!

Game night. We are all we got. #TrustYourWork #Knickstape

A video posted by Lance Thomas (@mrlance42) on

Speaking of behind-the-scenes, the flight to Toronto had competing IG Live streams going from both Marshall and Sasha, much to the delight of all.

Here’s The Machine on The Marshall:


...and here’s the reverse angle:


I wonder if guys always sit in the same seats on the plane or if it changes all the time? It must change because it looks like Sasha is a social butterfly who sits with Willy Hernangomez AND Kuzminskas (euros stick together?).

Y Kuz no smile?

And Willy seems to sit with Sasha and his BFF KP.

(this was a boomerang video)

Anyone who’s flown on the Knicks plane, feel free to shout out the boarding procedures!

Meanwhile, our one-man joy squad (Kuz, of course) has plenty of good vibes to share. First off, he was elected best Basketball Player in Lithuania 2016, which is (probably) a pretty big deal! Fortunately it looks like you don’t need to actually be in Lithuania to win. Congratulations, Cheese, you deserve it!

(take that, Jonas Valanciunas.)

Kuz also took the time to cheer for teammate Lance Thomas and his game-wining defense against the Bucks. You remember hustle, right? And winning? Squad!

To finish our tour of awesome stuff, Kuz (& Willy!) also met a legend this week and have pictures to prove it. Behold the handsomest man in the NBA along with the legend Allen Iverson (and KP in the background!):

and here is Iverson with Cheese. When times are bleak this year (and they will be) I want you to look at this picture and it will calm you.

Look at Cheese’s pure smile. Look at The Answer’s gold chains and mischievous grin. Gaze at the lovely blue sneakers in the background.

It’s going to be OK.

Great evening. Nice win and a pleasure to meet @theofficialai3. Thanks for the nice words! #knicks #nba #livingthedream

A photo posted by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

And what words did Iverson impart to our Mindaugas? I think they were words of grit and determination, of toughness and heart, and I think our Kuz listened and has learned the Way of the Warrior.

Tough L and probably no modeling perspectives for me in the near future..:) #knicks #rockybalboa

A photo posted by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

Cherchez la guerre, Fromage.