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P&T Podcast: The Frozen Envelope, Episode 1

Melo’s Future, Kristaps’ Slump, and Pig Eyes

NBA: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like the Knicks? Do you like podcasts? Do you like podcasts about the Knicks?

Well hot damn have we got a treat for you! It’s a brand new podcast about the Knicks and it’s coming to you once a week until the Knicks win a championship, at which point the lion will lay down with the lamb, the earth will cleave in two, and true believers in the triangle will ascend to the heavenly confines of Phil Jackson’s ranch.

The first episode features Posting and Toasting’s own Jonathan Schulman and it covers Melo trade rumors, Kristaps’ slump, Kyle O’Quinn’s preposterously lustrous beard and much, much more.

Give it a listen!