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Knicks Links: Oddsmakers don't like the Knicks to win the title for some reason

Also: Kristaps has a new shoe and Dougie McBuckets thinks the Knicks will surprise you

NBA: New York Knicks-Media Day Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What up ball bags? Welcome back to the number one links post in late night, where we have only the most illustrious Knicks links.

Tonight’s musical guest is the inimitable Eminem, who just sorta semi-ethered the president (although it was definitely not his best work):

Still though, Eminem operating at 10% is better than Trump at 110% any day.

Some end of preseason stuff to catch up on

— Today’s links have kind of a theme — odds! Odds can be many things, but in the case of the Knicks and their players, they are decidedly loooooong this year. First off, the Knicks’ Vegas odds at winning the NBA title this year: a robust 1000:1! That’s good for last in the league, tied with the Nets, Bulls, Magic and Hawks.

— Speaking of odds, new Knick Trey Burke is apparently facing long odds of making the roster:

(I know, I know, that was in Joe’s post earlier. But it fits the odds theme, damn it!)

— Mike Scotto of Basketball Insiders interviewed Doug McDermott, who said that the Knicks should “try and surprise some people — I don’t think people are expecting much of us.” Against all odds, Doug thinks this team could be good(...ish?).

— Neither Frank Ntilikina nor Kristaps Porzingis practiced today:

Odds are there’s been at least 10,000 people on Twitter today that called Porzingis and/or Ntilikina a bust.

— Don’t worry, though! According to Marc Berman, KP has all but guaranteed that he will suit up for the regular season opener against Oklahoma City — the preseason finale on Friday is a different story, however:

“Forty percent yes, 60 percent no,’’ Porzingis said when asked if he would be back Friday. “[It] depends how I feel [Thursday] with running, shooting. We’ll see. I’m lifting my leg up. It’s getting better from [Tuesday].”

Also, check out this little tidbit:

“I’m 7-3, maybe 7-5, I don’t know,’’ said Porzingis, who has brought his own personal physio therapist from Latvia to New York for the season. “I have to do all the preventative stuff.’’

Kristaps is gonna be eight feet tall soon and terrorize the league.

— Berman and others had a lot of fun with the fact that former Knick Justin Holiday went bananas last night for the Bulls:

— From Ian Begley earlier, apparently the Knicks never really considered not putting a stupid, ugly jersey patch on their threads. Because, ya know, money.

— A certain prolific P&T commenter (known in real life as Ashwin Ramnath) wrote about some takeaways from the Knicks' preseason. (And also about Kyle O'Quinn's dubious fit on the post-Melo Knicks.)

— Kristaps has his own pair of signature kicks dropping tomorrow at Packer Shoes in Jersey City — odds are about 1,000,000/1 that you’ll get a pair if you work normal hours:

Also, KP’s shoes this season will feature the Statue of Liberty and Latvia’s Freedom Monument on the soles, which is badass:

— James Dolan is working hard to distance himself from disgraced film magnate Harvey Weinstein, according to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News.

— Finally, sources are telling me that the odds are forever in our favor that Baron "Boom Diddy" Davis will eventually succeed Clyde as the Knicks' color commentator:


(And not just the fart kind like usual.)