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Calling all P&T Mailbag questions: Round 2

Your favorite bimonthly semi-annual whim is back!

Our last (and, to be honest, first) mailbag came before weeks prior to Carmelo Anthony joining a franchise founded in part by Malik Rose and Chris Wilcox (OAKAAKUYO). So much has happened since then -- Jarrett Jack; Trey Burke; and, despite a likely winless preseason, actual praise from actual legit sources about the Knicks’ direction. It’s all enough to make a girl’s head spin.

So let the next Knick mailbag be the Dramamine beneath your wings. Got an X’s-and-O’s question? A historical what-if? A hypothetical like “Would you rather fight one Porzingis-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Porzingii?” A P&T meta query? Bring it.